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First and foremost, we are family.  We are five family members each giving our own opinion and thoughts on living the gluten free lifestyle.  Eating gluten free was not a choice for us.  It all started when Judy was diagnosed with Celiac Disease at five years old…life had forever changed.  Suddenly our pantries were emptied of gluten-filled items, former favorites, and filled with gluten free foods.  Two years later when her cousin, Mary Genevieve, started exhibited symptoms we feared the worst that she too was afflicted of this terrible disease.  The suspicions were correct.  Katie was tested as a matter of course, because it is a hereditary disease, and sadly she was positive as well.  Mary and Jennie are sisters and mothers of children with Celiac Disease.  Here is our blog written from the perspectives of moms of children with Celiac Disease, a high schooler, and two grade-schoolers living the gluten free lifestyle.  All different perspectives with the same goal, to maintain healthy living.  We are constantly looking for kid-friendly gluten free food and have spent years making and baking gluten free replacements.


Jennie is happily married and is the proud mom of two amazing daughters, Mary Genevieve and Katie.  Jennie is a black belt in karate and shares her love by volunteering as an instructor. She is an attorney and is passionate about helping people.  She has been fortunate to visit Walt Disney World countless times and loves it!  She enjoys reading, gardening, and finding hidden Mickeys on her travels to Walt Disney World.


Mary and her husband have three amazing children, Judy a daughter with Celiac Disease, and twin fun-loving sons.  Mary is a proud bilingual teacher that has a passion for educating tomorrow’s future.  She loves to travel to many different places especially Walt Disney World and beach destinations.  In her free time she enjoys going to Cubs games with her family, shopping, and finding the perfect gluten-free recipe.

Mary Genevieve

Mary is in high school and loves karate.  She is a world champion martial artist that competes internationally.  She loves to share her knowledge of karate by teaching the younger students at the dojo.


Judy is in grade school.  She loves the “three  G’s…gymnastics, golf, and playing the guitar.  She adores anything that sparkles and the color pink.  She hopes one day to be a meteorologist.


Katie is in grade school and loves basketball.  She also likes to read and travel.  She spends her free time working on her three-point shot and hopes to be in the WNBA!

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***Everything on this blog expresses our own opinions and thoughts.  We are not medical professionals.  We are just sharing our experiences living the daily gluten free lifestyle through the eyes of moms of children with Celiac Disease and a teen and two tweens with Celiac Disease.  Always consult your physician if you have any questions.  All posts written by Mary G., Judy, and Katie are written with parental consent.***

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