Monthly Archives: August 2016

Gluten-Free Blogging


Where has the time gone? It has been a year since Mary and I had lunch together at Egg Harbor Cafe (a favorite gluten-free dining spot) and wrote our first blog post together. Blogging is so much more than I thought it would be. I had envisioned it as a journal to get my thoughts on paper. It has blossomed into a link to many wonderful people that share a gluten-free lifestyle.
I never thought writing my stories about living gluten-free would help introduce me to a whole world of folks that share the same passion and interests. It has been a thrill to meet so many parents who also try to cook gluten-free for their kids. We have shared stories, recipes, and coupons!
What has truly been a blessing, has been watching the girls really get into writing. I feel that this blog has given Mary Genevieve, Judy, and Katie a way to express their feelings about living gluten-free. Let’s face it, no matter how much we try to fool ourselves into believing it is easy, living gluten-free is just tough. Really tough – especially for kids. This blog has allowed the girls to share the good things they have found in their food. It has been a very positive experience. Even the picky eaters will say, “Well, I’ll try it so I can blog about it.” The girls are having fun and that is the way it should always be in life.
Since our parents died, Mary and I have tried to live every day to the fullest. See something new. Try a new food. Travel and experience a different city or beach. We get out there and live. We continue to learn new ways to live a wonderful gluten-free lifestyle. Every day is a blessing. I love writing this blog and sharing my crazy gluten-free life with you. Thank you for following along!