The Plaza Restaurant


The Plaza Restaurant

plaza resturant

Sometimes you just want a burger. A delicious juicy burger is a vacation treat on a hot day. It had become a distant memory for my family to enjoy a juicy, thick burger while on vacation, but those memories were changed to reality when Mary and I took the kids to The Plaza Restaurant in Magic Kingdom Park.

It is truly a hidden treasure. Located next door to the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor at the end of Main Street, U.S.A., it is easy to miss. In fact, we have walked past the restaurant thousands of times, yet we have never stopped in for a bite. On our last trip to the Walt Disney World Resort, it was on our bucket list. I am so happy we tried it! The gluten-free offerings are simply outstanding.

It is a darling place to dine. The atmosphere is adorable. The window seating faces Cinderella Castle and the beautiful new gardens. The other walls are mirrored with painted touches.

The manager, Timmy, came to our table and kindly informed us that all – yes all – of the sandwiches on the menu could be made gluten free. We were also told that the fries are made in a dedicated fryer and free of contamination. I knew we were in for a gluten-free dining treat.

plaza menu

I highly recommend the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger. It was a hit among several at our table. Prepared to order with a delicious warm gluten-free bun and a side of fries. Absolutely dreamy!

Mary Genevieve chose the Chicken Strawberry Salad. She loved the fresh strawberries and the homemade white zinfandel vinaigrette dressing. It was a large portion and very filling!

plaza salad

Mary had the Cheese Steak Sandwich. It was yummy! Yes, I had to sample a bite myself! It had tasty red peppers that gave the sandwich just the right amount of kick.

plaza philly  plaza sandwich 2  plaza burger

Of course, our family meals would not be complete without dessert. We all loved the homemade ice cream topped with whipped cream. It was just perfect.

plaza ice cream

The Plaza Restaurant is open for lunch and dinner. Reservations are most certainly recommended. We will definitely be dining at The Plaza Restaurant again! You just cannot beat the location, the atmosphere, and the gluten-free offerings!

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